Adding hyperlink to keywords string

I have a php line like:
echo "<p><b>Tags: </b>" . $row['tags'] . "</p>";

it looks like this on web page:
Tags: keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,keyword4

how do i add hyperlink to each keyword like:
Tags: <a href='category/keyword1'>keyword1</a>, <a href='category/keyword2'>keyword2</a>, <a href='category/keyword3'>keyword3</a>,...

Do you mean that you want to pass the keyword onto one of your pages?
If so, you need to use either GET and pass it on as an argument to the link.
Loosely like

<a href='somepagename.php?category="keyword1" '>keyword1</a>  etc...

You would then need to have the page get the category selected using $category=$_GET[“category”];
But, you need to make sure to escape the quotes correctly. Or, you could possibly use Javascript.
Is that what you are talking about?

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