Adding a Badge just for admins


I have made a php chat, and i am not sure how to jsut add a badge for the administrators instead of the gender of the male or female if u can help me please respond.




i would like to know how to make the administrators have something other then a gender next to their name in the chat.


I wonder when people are going to learn that there are about a hundred thousand different ways you could make a chat in PHP that would require different answers to the question you just asked.

We need more information. Tell us about how you determine who is an administrator. Surely if you wrote this chat you know that. If you didn’t write this chat, please refer to our posting guidelines. The forum policy is to not assist with premade scripts unless the user is actively hacking the code and has a specific portion of the code as a problem. So if you were to give us the code for displaying your users, and give us the code for determining who is an admin and who isn’t, it would be a simple task to combine the two.


He didnt write this chat. He is using PHPMYchat. He is just trying to edit the chat so when someone is an Administrator for his chat they have a different badge next to their name instead of the guy or female. I dont know if this is the information you need or not, but I tried.


Well you should take a look at where I said we don’t help with pre-made scripts, and if we were to work with it, we’d need an example of the code anyway.