ACL(access control) - ny suggestions are gladly welcome

ACL(access control advice)?
Hi, I am trying to create an acl(access control) for a website which is php based. The administrator is allowed full control of all the features in the website.

I want to create an acl where the administrator can check the pages/functions that a user is allowed to perform based on their access levels. Additionally, I would like that the pages/functions to be not viewable by the user if the admin does not give permission to the user.

I have tried cakephp but I dont really understand it much and feel that it is not suitable. Can i get any advice if I should use php frameworks, which if any?..or another way to go around creating this access/content control…any sound/working advice related to php and access control is welcome…:smiley:

Thank You…:stuck_out_tongue:

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