Accessing an SQL database from a different domain


Hey folks,
I’m not sure where to ask this question, but since i’m programming in PHP, I thought i’d ask here.

My company has a website with it’s own database, but we are about to create a second website with a different domain name that will reside on the same server. The second website will be accessing the database associated with the first one. I am just curious as to if there are any security issues with such a situation, and how I might overcome them.
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  • Michael


It’s definately possible to do so, however I’m not sure how MySQL encrypts remote connections and the data flowing through them. Perhaps mentions something about that?


Are both domains on the same server?

If this is the case, I don’t really believe that there are any NEW security issues that would arise. If however, as Zyporra suggests, you are going across a network to get to the database, then there may be security issues regarding the encryption of data going back and forth to the database server.


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They are on the same server.
So is there no extra encryption that needs to be done then?

  • Michael


Nope, not if you use localhost to connect :wink: