access error - no permission to acces /< on this server

I have made a html.form and a php processing script.
When I fill in the html form and send it, it is nicely processed and presented on the screen.

But if I try this in one script, using

I get the error message:
you don’t have permission to access /< on this server.

I use Apache, no passwords, just for local use. What do I have to change and where?
I can not find the answer. so if you can help me out…

you have a space in the php tag, but the php bit isn’t needed at all since the action automatically uses the current page as a default. So just change the form tag to

You also misspelled journal, only 1 a in there (unless that’s intentional, then just ignore that).


thanks a lot, it solved the problem (and yes in dutch the double aa is intended ) great answer thanks again!!

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