Access Database

Hey guys,

I am currently working as a summer intern for a small business and they have asked me to update their site. Their site was setup about a year ago by a hosting company using OsCommerce. I am very new to web design, but I am doing well with the site files, the problem is, I am trying to add a FedEx contribution and there are issues with my database.

I have found a lot of info online about setting up a database using phpMyAdmin, but I can’t find out how to access a database that has already been set up by someone else.

Also, when I tried to install the contribution a second time, I got this error message:

1060 - Duplicate column name 'products_ship_sep'

ALTER TABLE products ADD products_ship_sep BOOL NOT NULL DEFAULT 0


I’d like to have this fixed asap so I can relax this weekend lol.

All help is greatly appreciated,


phpmyadmin can be used to read/edit databases if you have access to phpmyadmin you’ll be able to access the database and make changes as needed. the error is saying there is already a column with the same name which would suggest that step of the install was successful.

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