Accept Paypal Donations For Your Help!


I coded a little custom mod for the forum to allow our members to add a PayPal donation button to their profile. This button will display next to your name on every post.

The reasons why I did this are simple.

  1. A lot of people ask for help and it takes a lot of time to teach and educate people. Some members realize the effort and time that goes into answering them and would like to make a small donation to the people helping them. It makes them feel good!

  2. Most PHP Helpers on this board, help out of the kindness of their heart! Not looking for anything in return other then a simple thank you. But this gives you the opportunity, if you want the opportunity, to allow other members to give you a small donation to say thank you for your time and efforts.

  3. No one is required to donate, it’s just an option that is available. If you solicit or ask for donations you will be warned.

So how do you set this up?

In you profile page you will see towards the bottom a spot labeled: Paypal Email Address:

Enter a valid PayPal Email address.


Thanks for adding this option, A really nice option for the those who are helping others in PHP related issues although most of them don’t work for money. 8)