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Miss parts of the old site! ! !

Like Karma and how many posts each member has made. The number of post gives you a quick way to gauge if it is a Noobie or experienced forum user. The Karma was not important, but, sometimes fun to see who appreciated your help.


I really like the new look somehow, thanks a lot to all of you who put an effort in to it.

Reading ErnieAlex’s post i realized that Karma as well as posts count is gone.

I would prefer Karma over posts count forthe following reason: E.g 50 of my posts can not be as valuable as let’s say 5 from any of you gurus :slight_smile: Whereas if somebody is genuinely grateful for the help from post they may click on Karma…

One way or the other, there will always be hoards of people who come, ask, leave without saying thanks.