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Could you help, please?

My javascript isn’t running regularly. Can you write with jQuery language?

The rule are like in image below.

I am amateur and novice
My JS code
Would appreciate if you help

<script type="text/javascript">

function Checkit(theform) {
    if(theform.task_name.value==true) {
        error = "Please enter a short name of the task";
     var taskname = document.getElementById('task_name').value;
     if (taskname.length > 20){
     error+="Please do not exceed 20 characters\n";

    if(theform.week.value=="-1" && theform.day.value=="-1" && theform.hour.value=="-1" && theform.minute.value=="-1") {
        error += "Please select a time when the times \n";

     var filename = document.getElementById('file_name').value;
     if (filename.length < 10){
     error+="Enter file name of running local file or full URL\n";
    if(error) {
        alert('**These fields are required:**\n\n' + error);
        error = "";
        return false;
    } else {
        return true;


Thank you in advance
Best Regards

That’s one of the nicest easiest post to understand. I just wish I knew jQuery well enough to script it for you.

How come the Javascript isn’t running regularly?

Thank you for your answer,


task name: checkedin
week, day, hour, minute: none, not selected
filename: checkedin

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