About file sorting

I am sorting by file creation date with the following code
No problems with ranking
I want to add sorting by file type to this
how do i do this

$tum_yedekler_dizisi = array();
$dizin_yolu = new FilesystemIterator($dizin);

foreach($dizin_yolu as $dizindeki_dosya) {
    if($dizindeki_dosya->getFilename() != '.htaccess' && $dizindeki_dosya->getFilename() != 'index.html'){
        $tum_yedekler_dizisi[$dizindeki_dosya->getMTime()][] = $dizindeki_dosya->getFilename();
$tum_yedekler_dizisi = call_user_func_array('array_merge', $tum_yedekler_dizisi);

Are your files documented in your database? It is much easier to sort with a query.
If you need to do fancy sorts, you can do it using PHP functions build for that.
You can use these functions, but, you would need to create a multidemensional array with the parts of the file in columns. Like extension and creation date and then sort one two columns. Should work.

No, not query from database
I list .sql, .gz and folder in directory
First I want to list files by creation date
Next, the folders will be listed first, then the gz files, then the sql files.

With the code above, I am listing by file creation date.
Ekran görüntüsü 2021-11-22 123521
I want to sort like in the picture
However, I did this using a separate foreach for each file type.
So I’m using 3 foreach for an array

sql and is_dir()

foreach($tum_yedekler_dizisi AS $vals){
    $filetype = pathinfo($vals, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
    if(file_exists($dizin.$vals) && $filetype == 'gz'){

Well, if you just keep the names and dates in an array, you can sort by any column/field using column sorts.
You can use array_column and array_multisort functions to sort by any column.

Or to make it easier, when you parse thru the file list and create an array of the names, just create a second array for the dates. They use two foreach loops to display each.

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All codes in first post

All files in the directory are imported as arrays.

$dizin = "folder/";
$dizin_yolu = new FilesystemIterator($dizin);

File creation dates are added to the array with the following code.


Files are sorted by creation date.


The array is recreated by removing the file creation dates from the array.

$tum_yedekler_dizisi = call_user_func_array('array_merge', $tum_yedekler_dizisi);

Now we have an array sorted by file creation date.

I’m already parsing 3 file types, and I think 3 foreach will be ok
I wanted to know if it can be parsed, maybe by adding something simple.
Thank you

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