About Facebook API

Hi All

I am beginner in PHP and i was trying to integrate face-book social plug-ins with my website.I have gone through the Runkeeper website(http:runkeeper.com) for the facebook share plugin, i don’t know how the friends of me in facebook(he is also the member of runkeeper.com) activity displays in my runkeeper page “http://runkeeper.com/user/Testingwebdeveloper/streetTeam page”. i don’t even shared anything from runkeeper website in the facebook share. But whenever someone do some activities in the runkeeper website and if he is friend of me in facebook , then his activities will be displayed in my webpage of runkeeper. This is how the Tracking of Activity goes on with the help of some Facebook API, i have seen this website is built using Android , so is there anyway and some one please give me some ideas to do this same kind of feature in my website using PHP and facebook API’s.

Thanks in Advance

Anandhan.S :slight_smile: and =)

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