A thank you

Since I don’t have an account, I couldn’t find any way to express my big thank you to those who responded to my question: http://www.phphelp.com/forum/general-php-help/very-basic-help-needed-with-mail-form/ With their help I was able to get it working, and I also wanted to say how appreciative I was that everyone was so courteous! Not something you find on all forums, especially when it’s a total noob asking a very beginner-level question. If ever I delve into PHPland, this will be my first stop. :-*

(I know this is being moderated; I don’t mind if it doesn’t appear, but if there’s any way to get this message to those who responded, I’d appreciate it! They deserve a little cookie).


Very kind of you of to give those people a shout out… If you created an account and collect 10 posts, you’ll be able to award those individuals with Good Karma. I’ll do it on your behalf :slight_smile:

@Garza, You are welcome anytime, if you get into any trouble we’ll be glad to help you out. :slight_smile:

Thanks Henry I got the Karma. ;D

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