a tag with img tag inside

Hello there
I am wondering if any of you knows why this two sentences

<?php ... echo ''; echo "spanishflag[/url]"; ... ?>

behave differently in firefox and explorer6. I would like that explorer 6 behaved the same way as firefox with reference to this issue.
I hope it is not forbidden to cite the name of a website in this forum since this is not for commercial purposes but for letting you understand my problem. If you take a glimpse at
http://www.metatradersoftware.com with explorer 6 and firefox, you will be able no notice that the flag on the upper right corner shows an undesired white color on the right of the flag and below the flag only in internet explorer.
Does any of you know why this happens in internet explorer? I have tried to change the width and height in the class enlacebritishflag but that does not seem to fix the problem.
Look for your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

I have to say that the only thing I notice is positioning changes and nothing to do with colors. Spacings are different between FF and IE but that was all I was able to observe.

Actually, you could not see the problem I mentioned because I already fixed it. It was an html problem though.

That would explain it…

Glad you got it fixed. Sorry for the slow responses

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