A sample code help.

Hey guys, I need a sample php code… I anyone can share, I would be delighted. What I want to do is:
I want to have this-

  1. upload FILE field and a separate SUBMIT button(this would load files into database),
  2. a username field and a password field with another LOGIN button.
    Now, what I want with the PHP script is that,
    —> Initially I want the FILE field and SUBMIT button to be INVISIBLE(I don’t have any idea about this)
    —> Next, when the administrator logs into the system entering the CORRECT username and password, I want the FILE field and SUBMIT button to be VISIBLE.
    —> After, the FILE field becomes visible, the user can upload his file.

Please… If anyone can provide me the code…because I’m unable to sort out how this VISIBLE and INVISIBLE concepts can be applied… Do reply viewers. Thank You in advance.

I may be misunderstanding but I can’t see why a user should be able to select a file, but not beeing able to do anything with it without logging in.

Why not have a login, and after a successful login you can show various admin pages like file upload/etc?

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