A request of RPG Pokémon Forum

Hello to this community. I want a particular forum, probably you haven’t ever been requested to do something like this, is a forum with some mods and systems. I don’t know anything about php or any other kind of language, except for a little bit of HTML.

I really want to know something like this web-browser pokemon games:


If you have time to check them, there are so many that probably you can do it, but it seems very hard.

If that is too much, here is a list of the things I require for a forum that I want and I would like to know what is the range price for something like this (I don’t care about the design of the forum)

1.1 Forbid users to edit/delete posts and topics in certain sections, not all the forum, just some sections of it.
1.2 Limit the amount of times a user can publish topics and posts in certain sections (like a post in “this” section every 24 hours, for instance)

2.1 Shop System (With forum points and items)I’ve seen this in other forums if you want example)
2.2 Allow two types of currencies (two different kind of points) I’ve seen this in other forums if you want example)
2.3 Allow to buy pack of items (many items at a time, and even get a discount) I’ve seen this in other forums if you want example
2.4 When you have an item, there’s a “Use item” button in the inventory, and when it is used by the user, can only do it once per item and this creates a log so the admin can check it. I’ve seen this in other forums if you want example.
2.5 Forbid regular members to trade items or donate coins (only admins and mods)
2.6 Allow mods and admins to choose multiple forum users, and donate “X” amount of points to them, so you don’t have to do it individually.
2.7 Sub-Shops availables for members of certain groups only.
2.8 Items that after you use them,you receive discounts or you can post during an amount of time in some closed sections or you can post one time in that section (this last option would be the best)
2.9 Some items that when the user bought them, after he presses the “Use item” button, a box text appears and he must type something (in this case, a Pokemon, for instance)

  1. Dice System (Like the codes such as [dice]1d20[/dice] and it gives you a random number. I’ve seen in other forums if you want example)

  2. Quiz systems (there are many forum with this) I’ve seen in other forums if you want example)
    4.2 Some quiz available only fo members of a certain group.
    4.3 Limit the amount of times you can make a quiz or the waiting time in order to repeat it again (like a week, for instance)
    4.4 Allow random prizes in quizes (1 of 10 items, some items with less probabilities).

5.1 I want many groups, a few of them opened so a user can join without authorization to a group, and others closed.
5.2 When you join a group, you can’t leave it until a minimum time (72 hours), and then, you can’t join to another group in a minimum time (7 days)
5.3 Group Leaders, this could accept members to an specific group (no all the groups), and let them give limited rewards (like, there’s 20 rewards, and for example, one leader of a group, can give two rewards of those 20 different rewards, like, only rewards that are asigned for him to give to others)
5.3 Allow users to belong to a second group (VIP Club), basically, they can buy this membership with the points of the forum, and it should last a month and it gives privilege to users, like 10% discount on the shop, post in certain sections, etc.

  1. Award system: Under the profile of the user (the one that appears next to a post), that there’ll be a box with image icons of the rewards, and also, a list with all the rewards in a different page, indicating what you need to gain that reward, how many people have it, and a list of those people/users. Some of this automatic rewards (like when you reach a certain amount of posts) or manual rewards given by administrators or mods. I’ve seen in other forums if you want example)

  2. Arcade system (I’ve seen in other forums if you want example)

  3. The boxer user where there’s the user’s avatar, his name, amount of post, place, etc.

I want something like this:

Mouse off avatar: http://i.gyazo.com/ed5df1e634ca5fa2acd7052d3c1fa2ef.png
Mouse on avatar: http://i.gyazo.com/a81975163173a45304d3a541c8ce7bb1.png

Idea of what I would like when the mouse is on: http://i.gyazo.com/b333d8dcb2ed8dcb872060481aaa9028.png

That’s a pretty tall request - I think you’ll going to end up buying a copy of IPB or vBulletin


Both of these forums have the majority of the ADD on features you are looking for, but they most likely will need to be tweaked for your needs.

You should look over both systems, decide on one, then ask the people on those Forums to design the plug-in/modules that you need.

Here’s an example of one of the modules for IPB


As a freelance coder I can tell you what you’re asking for will take a fair bit of time and a whole heap of cash!

I would agree with TC. Get yourself a tried and tested forum set up and play with the plugins. If you find a plugin doesn’t do exactly what you want, come back here and post up your requirements and someone will no doubt be more inclined to take on the project.

If you still want your own building send me a PM on here to discuss prices/timescales etc.

Red :wink:

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