A PHP Program That Runs In Background

Dear Members I Have A Question If You Have Any Idea So Help Me

I Want To Make An Mobile Recharge Website Am I am Using API To Do Recharge And Check Status Of Recharge ,

My Question Is It’s Possible To Make A PHP Program That Run In Background Means If User Hit The API And It’s Gone In Pending For 2 Minutes Or Left The Page So It’s Automatically Update The Status In MYSQL Database So Next Time Wen User Visit Again We Can Show The Status That Updated On MYSQL DB Without Hitting Status API

We are not sure what you are asking! What do you mean by “mobile recharge website”.???
Yes, you can allow a user to log into your server and keep a status of when they last logged in.
You can also use code to disconnect them after two minutes. You just force them to log back in after
the two minute limit. A lot of sites use 20 minute log-outs, meaning if you do not do anything on the site
within 20 minutes, you are forced to log back into the site. That is easy to do. Just check the last
accessed date saved in the database. Whenever a user does anything on the site, save the last-accessed-date to the current date. If they try to access the site after the set amount of time, 2 or 20
minutes, you force them to log in again. That is a security system that works for people who leave their
computers logged into a site. Nobody can sit down at their computer and continue using their login info.

Not sure if that is what you are asking… Hope it helps…

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