A little help! (sending email)

Hello everyone!

I’m new here and very new to php and I have a little problem with my php/html thingy. :)

I’m trying to make this form that will allow you to send email.

So it’s basicly something like this.

My email: (any address)
Your email: (any address)

And, I’ve been searching for something similar so I can change it fit my needs. And I found one that’s pretty close but it doesn’t work. I don’t know what is wrong with it. There are no error messages but it won’t send the mail.

you can find the files i’m working on in


and here is the lomake.php

<?php session_start(); $myemail = "[email protected]"; $spam_blocks = array("EIROSKAA","NOSPAM"); if (isset($_SESSION["form_time"]) and $_SESSION["form_time"] > time()) die ("Virhe: Roskapostittamisen est?¤miseksi on sallittua l?¤hett?¤?¤ vain yksi viesti per 10 minuuttia."); if (isset($_POST)) $data = $_POST; elseif (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS)) $data = $HTTP_POST_VARS; if ((!isset($_POST) and !isset($HTTP_POST_VARS)) or count($data) == 0) die ("Virhe: Lomakedataa ei l?¶ytynyt."); foreach($data as $key => $value) { if($key == "recipient") { $recipient = $value; foreach ($spam_blocks as $array) $recipient = str_replace($array, "", $recipient); } elseif($key == "email") $email = $value; elseif($key == "subject") $subject= $value; elseif($key == "redirect") $redirect = $value; elseif ($value != "") $msg .= "$key: ". chr(13). chr(10) ."$valuenn"; if (strlen($msg) > 50000) die ("Virhe: Viesti on liian pitk?¤ (yli 50000 merkki?¤)."); } if ($msg == "") die ("Virhe: L?¤hetit tyhj?¤n lomakkeen."); else $msg = "WWW-LOMAKKEELLA L?„HETETYT TIEDOT: nn" . $msg . "L?¤hett?¤j?¤n IP-numero: " . getenv("REMOTE_ADDR"); if (!isset($recipient) and $myemail != "") $recipient = $myemail; if (isset($recipient)) { mail ($recipient, $subject, $msg, "From: ". $email); $_SESSION["form_time"] = time() + 60 * 10; if (isset($redirect)) header("Location: $redirect"); else print "Viestisi on l?¤hetetty. Kiitos yhteydenotosta."; } else die ("Virhe: Vastaanottajan s?¤hk?¶postiosoite puuttuu."); ?>

Any help would be appreciated.

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