A Healthy Web Page

I’ve been trying to lose weight by walking and watching what I eat as I’m border on having blood pressure. OK, I will stop boring with my medical situation, but it ties into a little application that I am writing with Vanilla JavaScript using Fetch. I can keep track of my blood pressure, walking distance, my weight and how many calories I consume during the day. I’m still developing this web page, but I have made pretty good progress so far. Here it is on my GitHub Repository -

I know people use React to do this, but I find it fun doing it vanilla js. Like I said this is still be worked on, so just check this repository for updates every once in awhile.

HTH ~ John

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I am doing the same thing lately! Funny!

But, very glad you are doing this as we want to keep you around! You are very helpful on this site and we would miss you a lot if you were not here! Good luck with your progress !

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