A couple hours to get me started


You will see in this thread that I am working on updating an abandoned game engine, written entirely in php, to be 7.x compatible. I can do a lot with PHP, but I have to admit to being over my head with this task; especially getting the database stuff converted.

I don’t need the whole project fixed for me, but I do need the connection class and one of the failing php files converted. Maybe 200 lines of code. If the class is set up and I have an example to work off of, I can do the rest myself.

I’ve spent 6 years working on this project and hundreds of hours of coding modules for the engine; all about to die if I can’t figure this part out. Is anyone willing to offer what shouldn’t be more than a couple hours of their time?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve sent you a personal message.

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Hi Gary,

I will be glad to assist you with the same.
Please contact me over Email: [email protected]

Maria J

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Hello ,
I can look into concern raised.
Please connect further [email protected]


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