A CGI program to grab website content and import into Excel

Hi all,

I am a total beginner on PHP so please bare with me, but I want to build this application for my department:

Here?s the scenario:

Say for example, a user might want to produce a list of football fixtures for a given day, so they would go to a football website and search for the fixtures page.

I want to develop a simple web page which will have an input box where a user can paste in the fixtures page URL, a button is then pressed and this will then run a PHP script that will locate that fixtures page URL and grabbed bits of selected data from that site and insert it into an excel file (which will be converted in CSV format).

The user will end up with a spreadsheet of football fixtures.

If anybody can point me to the right direction of how to get this started and i would most appreciate it.

Many Thanks


Start with your form - and handling the data you receive. then check out fopen and the file handling functions in the manual. There are a number of excellant tutorials out there to show you how (you should also get a book). I personally like the tutorials at http://www.codewalkers.com but you should also check out Zend, O’Reilly, phpdevelopers, phpbuilder, sitebuilder, phpfreaks, phpkitchen, and many other websites. You can never see too many examples.

Thank you, now I kinda know where to start, i can begin to develop this project…cheers!

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