[50usd] Install Login Script + MqSQL data display


  1. Install user authentication system with details stored in a MySQL table. A “profile” section where data of the user is loaded and can be edited is required.
  2. build a data display section on my website where data is queried from a database and can be filtered by various filters
    Code: HTML, PHP and MySQL
  3. go over my very simple script and help make some minor modifications
    Payment: 50 USD via Paypal
    Timeframe: 1 to 2 weeks after agreement
    No. of freelancers: 1

First off, I am not a programmer. I can handle simple HTML and PHP programming, but am far away from calling myself a professional coder. That said, I have built a simple PHP alert script allowing visitors to fill out a form which is then sent out via email to a certain email distribution group, informing them of the alert. Before the email is sent out, the form content is written into a MySQL database where it is stored for later (manual) analysis where I copy the entire database content to excel and do things there. Now I am in need of advancing this script for multiple users as well add a data anylsis area online, which means that:

  1. I need a login script to clearly identify the users and most importantly their individual distribution email address
  2. I need an admin account that can view/edit user details
  3. I need a full data analysis framework on my website that allows to query the full content of a table, and then apply filters such as user, time period, alert category, etc. (all the filter aspects are already saved in another table). Logically the admin account should be able to see all users data and be able to filter them per user.

I am expecting to have 26 users each with his own unique 5digit identification number. I need to able to provide them a link where they login and then are forwarded to my form. The form should be smart enough to recognize the user and then pull his distribution email address from the users table before running my script for email generation. The user should also be able to visit my “Summary” website where he can see all the submitted data for his ID and filter them accordingly (eg. current month, last 3 months, last 12 months, category, etc.). A display in form of charts would be appreciated. Additionally, there should be a “Detailed” tab where all the alerts are displayed line by line with newest on top.

Ultimately, due to adding this multi-user aspect, I need someone to go over my script and help me to add a query that looks up the distribution email address of the submitting user before sending the email, as well add a link that changes the MySQL entry of one specific alert (essentially I want a link in the email that changes the alert from OPEN to CLOSED). Also, if that someone could help going over my script/ HTML code, I would much appreciate it since there certainly is space for improvements (error messages, general logic, bad coding habits, some small design things, etc.)

Frankly, apart from the MySQL data analysis part, I dont think that this project is a huge challenge. Everything is already there, I just need help linking things together as I simply do not have the time required to inch my way through this.


  • A full brief will be given via skype.
  • I will provide FTP and cPanel access
  • Payment will be processed via Paypal after the modifications are done, followed by a 48 hour test-run by myself where I will determine any problems or adjustments
  • Full payment will be sent by me within 24 hours after final adjustments have been made
  • I will ONLY respond to user who posted in this thread. NO PM, NO EMAIL
  • newly registered users are not being considered (min. 20 posts with the forum)
  • This is on a “first come, first serve” basis, the first user who posts his interest here gets the job. Should the user, for whatever reasons, wish to forfeit his interest, the job will go to the next user in line who expressed his interest.

Would love to hear from you guys!


Keep in mind please, you do not need to develop anything here. The website, my script, everything is already present and merely needs to be linked.

The query for displaying that MySQL data is admittedly the bigger job. Please feel free to send me your salary expectation by PM should you feel that my initial offer is too low.

Thinking about it, I do see your point.

Please disregard the 50 USD initial offering and instead feel free to post how much you wish to get paid for this job. I am not here to strike a bargain nor do I wish to seem unrealistic, I understand how much work this is and I think programmers should get paid fairly. Please post below how much you think you can do this for and I would be happy to either accept or decline.

Thank you very much.

I sent you a PM yesterday.

Then you didn’t read the OP

He said PM in his second post. I PM’d after that.

Please feel free to send me your salary expectation by [b]PM[/b]
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