2 Sites: Identical PHP - search function works on one but not the other. Why?


So I have two sites: http://www.4rentnetwork.com/ and http://4salenetwork.net/

The problem here is when you click search at the top, and try using the advanced search page. When you do not set any specific criteria in the advanced search, and just click search, you should just get whatever information is available in the db. Clicking the search button in the 4rentnetwork.com site, brings something up; however, at 4salenetwork.net, I get no results. My client tells me it worked just fine before and suddenly there are no results. The php for the two sites is identical; however, the only difference is for the MySQL credentials and databases. the databases do have items in them and they are not empty and they are indeed imported on the server through PHPmyAdmin. I am stumped. Any ideas? I am prepared to provide php script for further investigation, feel free to ask if needed. I am still a beginner at PHP, but my client insisted I give it a shot.



Hard to say.

Check that you have error_reporting set to E_ALL and look for errors. Check that the table names and columns are identical on both servers.

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