2 email addresses ?

Is this correct or rather how do i do this
$email = [email protected]’,‘[email protected]’;
i need to send info in an php email to several users at one time

Yes that is correct.

Are you getting any errors.


Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘,’ in /www/t/terryg/htdocs/PHP/mail.php on line 8

code here

PHP Mail Sender <?php

/* All form fields are automatically passed to the PHP script through the array $HTTP_POST_VARS. /
$email = $HTTP_POST_VARS[‘email’];*/
$email = [email protected]’,‘[email protected]’;
$subject = $HTTP_POST_VARS[‘subject’];
$message = $HTTP_POST_VARS[‘message’];

$email = "[email protected], [email protected]";

I’lll try it and get back to ya, thanks

worked fine, now i gata try and start making some forms, any info on multi radio buttons ?

Glad I could help. What is your problem with radio buttons.


as long as each diffren ‘set’ has a diffrent name you can have as many buttons and sets as you want.

I do a web site for a not for profit web site (texas motorcycle rights org) and i have several forms using cgi on a nother web site that are linked to this site and i need to move them all to the new web site and they donot use cgi formail but do allow php .
so i need to take the forms and convert them to php and i just started learning php .
I had read that there were problems with many radio buttons on a form, i.e select from 6 radio buttons for one answer, i can provide the form but i dont wish to fill up this forum with non php stuff at this point.
if you can provide a email address i can send you one for a look see.
and thanks for the help…
Terry G.

Well I havn’t heard of a problem with php and radio buttons. You can use php for everything but still create the forms in php using html tags. ie.
echo " Home Work Cell<–Rest of Form -->";

In the example above you would find the value of the radio button in $FPhoneType in submit.php

As far as emailing me, my email is provided by the email link on my post. But I am currently working on my own projusts at this time, but will help on this form when I can. Just keep learning and post whenever you run into a problem.


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