Timer always starts at 60 minutes


Hi John,
I’ll accept the blame for being rude. The problem with the first code I posted was the difference between the php timestamp and the javascript timestamp. I had not noticed my logic error at first but I kept at it till it dawned on me what the problem was. Thanks for your help though.

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well i am not one to dwell on things unless they are of greater importance (i mean like a pet died recently or something.) I don’t dwell on matters such as this. life is too short. if i was rude, then i have apologized to you and the community more than once. let’s just move on.

Hello and welcome to PHPHelp :slight_smile:
I also think that the problem is with the javascript code. seems like you have found a solution that you are happy with. If you decide that you need further assistance or you wish to know of better methods, then please ask. Otherwise, I hope that you have a pleasant day and good luck with your script. I’m happy that you made it work. :slight_smile: