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can you guys help with this a little bit? i’ve been in so many companies. I get so sick of this. people throw terms around all the time and a lot of times, at least what I’ve noticed, is that a lot of people don’t even really know what they’re talking about. take for instance, this:


if you consider the link, it is calling the iterator a class. but, in the article it is described as an interface. to me, that’s just ridiculous. you see, what’s going to happen with that, is that I’m going to go into a meeting next week and some person from india is going to argue with me about ““well, no, a class is not an interface…yada yada…””, and on and on and on. obviously this is extremely simple, and most CEOs understand that. I’ve never understood why engineers do not. it’s nothing more than a hierarchy. everything is. sooooo…to start here, does anyone reading this understand what I’m trying to say? This is nothing more than information management, as everything is anyway. That’s why it’s very simple. at this point, I would think that no one should have to write code anymore, even if the concepts of low code and no code did not exist. code is so patternized anyway, and there are only so many objects on Earth to mimic in the electronic world, is that not why frameworks were created in the first place? let us start there. comments anyone? thanks.

Calm down! Ha! The word “interface” means something that goes between two areas. In the case of “classes”, you have the PROGRAM that uses the class, the CLASS that handles data, CRUD’ing it and an INTERFACE that fits between them. The INTERFACE in this case is how the program gets to the underlying processes.

On a website, the “interface” is the GUI, or graphical user interface. Basically, the interface of a website is the HTML and CSS layout. Some are better than others. This would be the layer between the user and the website.

Does that help explain this one word in the world or programming… Got another?

Sorry Ernie, In this case, “Interface” is a type of class.


@vba_php, An Interface IS a class, a type of class. There is nothing wrong with the terminology whatsoever.

Think of this, you have a Vehicle. The vehicle is called a truck, van, SUV or whatever. Those are TYPES of vehicles. They are still all vehicles.

i know this ben. everyone explains it that way. I know all of this. it is very simple, as you and Ernie both know. you guys should also know that the OOP concept is nothing more than an electronic model of the real world we call Earth. that’s why the concept called ““the internet of things”” was created. you know that right?

all I’m trying to do here is strip down the nonsense terms that so many throughout the world use to confuse themselves and others, because so many things mean many different things, and THAT confuses the he$$ out of everybody! follow me? I did this 8 years ago at rockwell collins here in cedar rapids, IA. and as soon as I asked for a list of acronyms and their meanings in the FIRST meeting on the first day, because I had no experience in aerospace, all 6 other people in the meeting said:

yeah, can I have one too?

so that goes to show you right there that no one freakin bothers to ASK! because they’re scared of getting fired and looking stupid! how much BS does the world run on anyway!? how did those people even get jobs!?!?

now THAT is useful information! thanks Ernie! =) love it!

yes I have many. want to continue? let me know how much you can stretch that retired brain of yours and I’ll see what I can do, mr. senior citizen. =)

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