Feel free to be truthful.


You’re telling me stuff that’s no surprise… Do you think that was an accident or could the form be posting to the same file maybe?? (yes i know the action is not required for that, but again it’s all relative…)

Next thing you’ll be telling me the register button is permanently disabled meaning no one can register…
Oh, wait, then they would need a forgot password page if they could register wouldn’t they…

Silly me, how could i forget…


There is a developer for hire here in this thread that can help you with that, he’s very helpful and thorough with his advice, why not give him a shout… :slight_smile:

What’s goin on with Moyes lad, Fergie must be steamin!!


Who you or Kevin?? Haha,…I don’t know what’s happening but he don’t like using fergies systems makes you realise how good saf was as a manager


I feel your pain, I went through the same thing 20 years ago, we went from total domination of english/european football to also rans almost overnight - because our manager changed…


I miss responsive design. Lot of users access web using smartphones and tablets and it is uncomfortable for them to surf non-responsive sites.


“we’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league” :stuck_out_tongue: ;D :smiley:

Hi Jasom, thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback, very much appreciated.
I agree about responsive designs, using websites that don’t fit on my screen does my head in and this is something i will be addressing in the new build during the close season.

Thanks again,
Red :wink:


Good job, but you need to improve the font.
the navigation gradient making the font less readable.
the empty area after navigation does` nt make any sense.


Thanks man, mucho gracias :slight_smile:

Reading back through this thread makes me laugh, a certain user (you know who you are) has removed all their posts making it appear like i’m talking to myself… :smiley: ;D 8) :stuck_out_tongue:


Good site. But too sharp color.


Oh no, not this again! ;D ;D :slight_smile:

Redscouse For The Fans - The new build (code has been entirely rewritten).
Validation Successful

Check it out folks, feedback appreciated.
I’m no expert on SEO so any tips in this field would be great!

Red :wink: