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Recommended Tools and PHP Resources

Here are the tools and resources we recommend for all PHP programmers. Please feel free to suggest us your link to an interesting and/or useful PHP resource.

Unlock The Inbox
Unlock The Inbox is a website that features many tools the help set up and configure you website and is dedicated to teaching individuals how to set up and configure mail properly. If you send email you must visit this site and explore it. There are some many that must be in place to send email successfully to the everyone on your list.

PHP Web Hosting
If PHP programming language is the name of your game, a PHP host is the way to go for you. As it's shared web hosting you'll be able to get your hands on it at a low price. Simply read reviews and pick the hosting provider you feel the most suitable for you.

A web based graphical interface for managing a database. If you are unfamiliar with using MySQL from the command line, I suggest installing phpMyAdmin. Anyone new to relational database systems and contemplating using MySQL should start by installing this application. Highly recommended. Free, Open source.

PHP Plotting and Graphing Support
PHPlot is an open source PHP based graphing and plotting package. It is a graph plotting library written entirely in PHP, so it installs easily by copying the package file to your server and including the package. Free, Open source.

PHP Live Chat
Join us at PHP Chat to get fast, live help for your PHP and MySQL questions

jQuery Javascript Library
jQuery is lightweight cross-browser Javascript library that that emphasizes interaction between Javascript and HTML, event handling, Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

Plupload (multiple file upload utility)
Plupload a highly usable file upload handler for your web applications. Plupload support jQuery upload queue widget and core API, that allows to integrate it to your own custom applications.

getID3 (extract nformation from multimedia files)
getID3() is a PHP script that allows to easily extracts information from MP3, AVI, WAV, MPEG, ZIP, RAR and many other file formats.

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