'Post' works with firfox, but not Internet Explorer

Hi, I thought I understood the ‘POST’ concept.
When I click on any photo in firefox, the appropriate values are echoed.
However, in IE, they do not.

Here is my scaled down code:

<?php $b1=($_POST['photo' ]); echo'clicked 1['.$b1.']
'; $b1=($_POST['photo_x']); echo'clicked 2['.$b1.']
'; $b1=($_POST['photo-1']); echo'clicked 3['.$b1.']
'; $b1=($_POST['photo-2']); echo'clicked 4['.$b1.']
'; $b1=($_POST['photo-3']); echo'clicked 5['.$b1.']
'; ?>

The photos do not have to exist to get the same results.

Is it my code, or my version of I.E. (verison = 7.0.5730.11) or any other explanation?

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.


most of us are using linux. i can’t make any IE tests.

ur code looks like theres to much in there. only $b1=($_POST['photo' ]); echo'clicked 1['.$b1.']<br>'; should have any effect.

have u tryed an other IE version?
and u may try print_r($_POST); but i don’t think it will make any diftence.

If it works in FF but not in IE then it’s most likely a clientside problem. See if IE5/6 displays it properly. It’s very much possible that IE is messing up (it does that a lot).

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