Need to hire a PHP pro for a small project


I am very new to the whole PHP world (I am an ASP.NET guy from the MicroSoft side of the world), but I already love how easy it is to work with PHP.

However, I am in immediate need of somebody to help me modify an existing opensource program to work with our specific goals, and I don’t have the luxury of ramping up and learning all the finer points of PHP and how it all works right now…although I plan on learning more very soon.

I just need somebody to look at the existing code and be able to make the required (probably very simple) changes to the program.

Basically, the 2 programs we are working on both launch in a new full browser window any time you log in to use them, and we don’t want them to do that. We want to be able to access these programs via an iFrame in our existing DotNetNuke framework so that the enduser is not taken to a new window or even a full sized window, but instead, we want the program to be able to launch within our given iFrame parameters.

I’m sure there is just some PHP tag or something that causes these programs to launch in “full-browser” mode, and all we need is to get around that.

We will gladly pay an experienced PHP professional for their time on the same day as their service is performed.

We may also have a need for a long-term PHP professional in the VERY near future as a result of these 2 programs and other projects on the horizon.

Please email REMOVEDor call me at REMOVED.



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Please read the Posting Guidelines, which state that recruiting is not allowed. Try for hiring PHP pros. Thread closed.

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