Is PHP better than Python?

Hello All, I have noticed the salary of php developer is low as compared to other profiles like python developer, java developer and so many. So what was bad about PHP and why its salary is low? I have checked a post and found python is more suitable for long-term projects. PHP has a very low learning curve and is very simple to get started with. Python has a set of indentation rules that are fairly tight. This makes it easier to read than PHP. Is it right?

PHP’s salary is low because the supply of PHP devs is high relative to demand. This is partly due to the low learning curve.

How each language reads to you, and how suitable each language is for certain projects, is pretty subjective.

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Your end goal… and development projects should dictate what language you use as well.

Python (IMHO at least) has been gaining momentum because it can also be used with hardware… such as Raspberry Pi’s (single board computers)… so that helps make it more versatile.

Personally I LOVE PHP… :slight_smile:

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Python is in the mainstream because it is used a lot for A.I. type of programs. But, I still like PHP for that, too. You can use a wrapper for C or C++ that runs under PHP and that actually works better than Python for A.I. ! As Whispers mentioned, it is the end goal that steers you to the language!

This is a question that I have pondered many times and comes down to the usual response… it depends mostly on your application platform.

For me, PHP is just the best for website based development and [along with SQL] provides perfect back-end support to HMTL/CSS & JS. It is of course written natively for the web, unlike Python, which requires a framework e.g. Django.

Although I have little experience of it, Python is more suited to desktop based applications and is expecially good for data analysis and AI.

NEVER buy into the hype (mostly on YT) that PHP is dying (in favour of Python). The negative attitude to PHP is based around people who learned the basics of the language and then try to implement [unsecure] applications in live environments.

Python is mainly used for Artificial Intelligence projects. The selection of any technology depends upon your application platform. PHP is for web development.
But in case you want to learn in regards to interviews, I have one site for reference.

I hope these links would be helpful in your interviews.

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