I really need direct help from somebody with frames

Ok…I posted yesterday but got smacked down because my message seemed like “recruiting”, so let’s try this a different way…

I am a complete PHP Moron, and need somebody to help me modify an existing and fully functioning open-source program. The program currently launches in a full browser and its own set of frames, but I need to know how to change that so it won’t open in a full frame/browser.

I don’t know a thing about PHP or programing in general, and don’t really have the luxury or time of learning everything I need to know about PHP. What I would like is to find someone whom I can grant access to our development server, and have that person physically make the change for me…I could even compensate you for your time.

Our goal is to simply open this program within an Iframe in our existing DotNetNuke system, but can’t do that because there is a tag or something in the current programing that is forcing it to open in full-browser mode.

If you are willing and able to help me with this little problem, please email REMOVED or call me on my cell at REMOVED.



MOD EDIT: Removed contact details

Okay, let’s try this again: Posting Guidelines:

# [b]Private Messages and Email[/b] Please post your questions in forums instead of sending private messages to the administrators or moderators of the discussions. Doing so will enable the whole group to work on your problem. No matter how knowledgeable an individual is, inevitably people have different points of view and will offer different solutions. It only benefits you and the community when questions are answered in the public forums for all to read. As with all rules they can and will be enforced, so from now on however important your question is please DO NOT private message the administrator or any other users unless they have personally requested that action. Contacting moderators or administrators via PM WILL not help you solve your problem and if anything, will slow down our response via legitimate means as we must check our messages.

Topic locking and user bans. If a moderator finds your post to be in breach of any guidelines your post can be locked and/or deleted without prior notice. This also extents to banning. If however you feel that a moderator has made an incorrect decision, get in contact with that moderator/administrator with an explanation why you feel the decision was incorrect. Please note, you can only ask once, if your request has been denied and you appeal you risk being banned.

Advertising and “Can you do this” topics. You cannot request for personal/paid support via PHPHelp or PHP-Live. This is classed as advertising which is explicity banned by PHPHelp and PHP-Live, for more information please read the “How to ask for help” section above.


Third-party scripts Most third-party script distributors usually have an associated forum or contact form so users can seek technical support. It is best to save our time and your time by asking people who have specific knowledge on ?said? script, administrators and moderators have been requested to lock all topics (depending on circumstances) which request support. This will happen without notice, repeat offenders risk a ban. For more information please read the bottom of this post.

As you can see, we don’t allow on PHPHelp.com:

  • Requesting personal/paid help
  • Requesting help over anything other than these (public) forums
  • Requesting help on 3rd-party scripts

Since you were in breach of these three rules in your first thread, and no further details were provided about your actual issue, it was locked. Posting email addresses is generally a bad idea btw, so that would be removed no matter what. Cell phone numbers usually don’t work either without a country code (and a lot of us are not from the US). Considering what little information you’re giving in this thread, it seems like your problem is not PHP at all, but rather HTML or more likely JavaScript that’s enforcing a new frame to be created.

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