How can I submit an input to another site form, and get results on same page?


The capitol is also in the filename yes. This is correct.

The getParcels.php is placed in my root folder.

Wordpress pages are created “on-the-go” meaning the page doesn’t “really” exist until it is required. Which then once a user navigates to the page the page is created, if that makes sense? So how do I put the file in the same folder as a page that doesn’t exist? :confused:


Well, I tested the getPacels.php file by adding in the GET part and it shows the data.
Therefore, that part is correct. I just can not see the entire wordpress page.
There must still be an issue there. Perhaps you should get a programmer to review your site directly
instead of guessing here. You can hire one here or give one of us your login info. You would do that
thru private messages and then change the password after we are done.

Or, I guess you can attempt to debug the code. One thing you could do is change the AJAX code to
post an ALERT with the parcel code displayed. That would make sure that the JS on the Wordpress
page is working. Just need to change the script, loosely like this:

    var idCode = document.getElementById('ThaiParcelsCode').value;

this would show whatever is in the input field and you can see if the Javascript is working or not.
If it is, then the AJAX section is not working correctly. If it is not showing the code you enter, then
that is the problem and it might be the jquery library is not in place correctly.