Hello All Developers ! I need A Help Please


I Have A Script And I want to make it Update Via My Server

When We Make New update So My Script User Can Update from Script Admin Panel


Well there is a lot of questions here, but first, let’s start with the obvious.

  1. This is not the place to ask this question… Now with that said, there are questions to ask to determine where it should be placed…

  2. Is this going to be a Shell script, PHP, Python, Perl, etc, etc, etc?

  3. Do you have Shell access?

  4. Is this a shared server?

  5. What are you updating? The server with sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y, an XML file, a PHP file, an application, the time?

  6. No access to shell? Do you have cPanel access (look for cron jobs)

These questions can go on and on… But let’s get this in the correct forum first.