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Introduction to PHP Programming

The focus of this PHP tutorial is on helping beginners start building small web applications, using SQL database, and for answering frequently asked questions like "how do I send mail from a form?", or "how to display records from MySQL database?".  Read »


Using PHP to Generate and Send Mail

In this PHP tutorial, we will look at how to generate and send emails with PHP. PHP provides a convenient way to send email through the mail() function. This PHP tutorial will introduce you to the basics of sending mail from PHP scripts and making a simple feedback form.  Read »

Making the most of Site-wide Headers and Footers

By setting up a consistent site template, you can reduce the effort needed to create new pages, and you can also make it much easier to change the design of your entire site. This PHP tutorial takes you through a simple example of how to set up and access a site template.  Read »


Using MyODBC to Connect to a Remote Database

This PHP tutorial introduces MyODBC and explains how to configure it and then use it to connect to remote database systems. You can also find step-by-step instructions on how to connect to MS Access and MySQL databases using ODBC.  Read »

Using a script wrapper to run PHP

Scripts you write may include sensitive information that may be exposed if you do not wrap your PHP scripts. Protecting your scripts from prying eyes is called "wrapping." This PHP tutorial introduce basic security for PHP scripts using script wrapper.  Read »


Common PHP Tasks and Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions and solutions to some common PHP programming tasks. This PHP tutorial includes PHP code samples with detailed explanations and is recommended for all PHP beginners.  Read »

Normalizing Multi-line Text Input from HTML Forms

Read this PHP tutorial to learn how to convert text submitted though TEXTAREA inputs on web forms from PC and Mac web browsers to Unix format for accurate processing.  Read »


Installing PHP and MySQL on Windows NT

A brief guide to installing PHP (a server-side web page scripting language) and MySQL (a popular relational database system) on the Windows NT platform.  Read »

Quick PHP tutorial on Displaying SQL Query Results

A quick PHP tutorial on how to browse SQL query results from a database, generating a listing in an HTML table. This PHP tutorial illustrates using functions that generate HTML to create start and end table rows.  Read »


Using SQL to Copy Table Content

How to copy the contents of one table to another using SQL is not immediately obvious. This quick PHP tutorial will show you how to copy MySQL database table.  Read »

Basics of the Configuration File

This PHP tutorial show how you can create and update a configuration file from web based forms using PHP. Includes basics of creating/appending files with PHP and code samples.  Read »


Formatting a List as a Table

This PHP tutorial provides solutions to two common and frustrating problems: how to format a single column result set into a table of N-columns and how to display information in two columns.  Read »

Including Files Based on Input

This brief guide shows ways of ensuring files are included into web pages without posing a security risk, with a focus on including files dependent on user input.  Read »


Automatic Post to Twitter via CRON

A quick solution to automate your tweets. Creating a PHP script to post automatic status update to Twitter (cron jobs automatic tweet script).  Read »

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