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How do I learn php?

Learning PHP is as easy as opening a new file in your favorite HTML or text editor. The editor can be as simple as Notepad or as complex as Eclipse. The choice is yours.


<?php   echo "Hello World"; ?>  

Save this file with the php file extension, such as "learn.php" (without the quotes) to your hard disk.

Upload the file to your PHP enabled web server. It must be in your web server's document root or a directory below it (this is usually a directory called public_html or www or something similar).

Load the page in your web browser, the URL should look something like:

Remember, that you may have to change the extension to suit how the web server is configured.

Now that you had your first php learning experience, it's time to move on. Browse our php tutorials

If you get stuck ask a question in our Beginners PHP Forum and one of the members of our community will help get you to the next step.

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