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About us

This site is devoted to helping solve PHP problems and teaching, not overloading you with a lot of stuff you can't handle, but not restricting you to any artificial dumbed down limits.

The guiding principles of are:

  • To educate our visitors: to avoid just handing out answers or code solutions without visitors learning anything.
  • To accept that all people are beginners at one time; treat our visitors as we would want to be treated: without arrogance or contempt for people who have yet to learn what the more expert have.
  • To explore the world of web applications development from the perspective of the beginner.
  • To offer a continuous transition from beginner to advanced development abilities: beginners should not be left stranded.
  • To achieve our goals through the PHP language, the most widely used open source programming language intended for embedding in web pages.
  • To provide a community of learners and experts for asking questions and providing answers to web applications development in the PHP language.

Why choose PHP? PHP is an ideal language for the beginning web programmer to learn the basics of dynamic page generation, user interaction and database connectivity Moreover, PHP is simple enough to get started with web programming and complex enough to do serious work later on. was founded on 21 May 1999 by Steve Knoblock to give php beginners a friendly environment and community in which to solve php programming problems and learn the PHP programming language.

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